D.D.S./Ph.D. in Oral Health Research

We offer a dual D.D.S./Ph.D. degree designed to train interested in translating oral research to the clinic. These clinician-scientists will help bridge the gap between basic and clinical science in the field of dentistry.

Duration and mentorship

Designed to be completed in eight years, exceptional students may complete the program in seven years. Students will have both a Phillips Institute research mentor and a clinical mentor. They will complete the first two years (preclinical years) of dental school during which time they will select their Ph.D. dissertation laboratory. Following completion of their second year of the dental curriculum, students will focus on the requirements for their Ph.D. The main undertaking at this phase is laboratory research that leads to the Ph.D. dissertation. Students will also take part in weekly clinical sessions to maintain their dental knowledge while conducting their Ph.D. dissertation.


Students are exempt from certain didactic courses in the Ph.D. program in recognition of the content in the dental curriculum.


Students must apply to the Ph.D. and D.D.S. program programs separately. Each program has a distinct review process. If you are accepted to one program and not the other, you are free to enroll in the program that accepted you. If you are accepted to both programs, you will automatically be put into our DDS/PhD program. 

Financial support

Applicants are eligible for financial support; details will be arranged each year.