The focus of cancer research in the Philips Institute is to gain an understanding of fundamental genetic and cellular mechanisms that contribute to the formation of cancer and to exploit this understanding for therapeutic gain.

Bacterial infection and inflammation

Research in this area addresses oral bacteria, their interactions with one another and the host, and their role in extra-oral diseases. Periodontal disease is a particular focus of the Philips Institute.


The aim of our tissue engineering research is to understand the mechanism of craniofacial tissue damage and healing, and develop novel therapeutics to regenerate the hard and soft tissue in dental and craniofacial areas.

Oral health services

The Oral Health Services Research Core partners in strategic initiatives with the university, health system and community to improve and integrate oral health into overall health care.  This is a critical area of research expertise that our school is developing to position ourselves for research and education in oral health services and public health dentistry.