Ph.D. in Oral Health Research

The Ph.D. in Oral Health Research prepares students for research-oriented careers as independent scientists in academia, government and industry. The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a strong foundation in biochemistry, molecular biology and oral biology. Depending on their research project students will graduate with one of the following degrees: 

The program emphasizes independent research culminating in the conduct of an original research project under the supervision of a faculty adviser. Participating faculty are associated not only with programs and departments within the Philips Institute for Oral Health Research but also with the VCU Massey Cancer Center, the VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research and VCU College of Engineering.

The curriculum consists of graduate core basic science courses; oral health sciences core courses and advanced elective courses. The specific curriculum for each student is designed with the student's academic advisor, in consultation with the Oral Health Research Program Committee. 

For all enquiries please contact the program director Oonagh Loughran, Ph.D. at